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Crane Vehicle Helping Fix Yorkshire Road Links

The Yorkshire Dales suffered serious flooding earlier this month after a month’s worth of rain fell in just two hours. One of the casualties of this heavy downpour was the Cogden Beck Bridge.

Boulders and debris washed down the hills by the heavy rain and flood waters completely destroyed the structure. Although there are plans to build a new traditional Dales masonry bridge later in the year, there’s a need to get the road link back open as quickly as possible.

UK Haulier reported on the project to create a temporary bridge that will allow tourists and residents to have access to nearby villages while they wait for the new permanent bridge to be constructed.

But to get the components in position, including a series of tube sections to divert the river, a crane vehicle was required.

The area was too remote for a regular crane to be a viable option, so this mobile crane has provided the perfect solution to the problem.

This temporary structure will also allow the route to be used for the upcoming UCI World Championships. They’re due to be held in Yorkshire next month, with many of the world’s top cyclists set to compete.

It’s important to get the route up and running again, as this is the first time Britain has hosted the UCI World Championships in more than 35 years.

Crane vehicles aren’t just used to deliver things, they can also be used to pick things up. MLive recently pointed out that authorities in Belle Isle in the US recently needed to use a mobile crane to remove a car from a lake after a drunk driver drove the vehicle off a bridge.

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