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Construction Project Reveals 19th Century Ironworks!

As hitches go where construction projects are concerned, uncovering a historic find of some kind is certainly one of the more interesting obstacles you may have to overcome… and it might be more likely than you perhaps thought!

We’ve just read through this article on the Teeside Live website, which details how workers on the TeesAMP site in Middlesbrough (a £22.6 million project) discovered numerous 19th century brick structures that it’s believed have something to do with the town’s former ironworks.

Archaeological investigations are now underway, carried out by a team of researchers from Durham University, to assess the structures, with the findings set to be published in due course.

A report submitted to the local council’s planning department a few years ago as part of a Heritage Assessment read: “A watching brief of ground investigations undertaken in 2007 concluded that the eastern area of the site, adjacent to the railway, produced features relating to the earliest industrial phase of activity.

“These remains are considered to be at least of local significance and have the potential to reveal information on the early use and development of iron making techniques and the transportation of raw materials and finished go

ods by rail and river.”

So this find wasn’t a big surprise to those working on the site, but you never know what you might uncover when you dig down. No doubt you all remember the skeleton that was found beneath a car park in Leicester that was confirmed as being King Richard III… now that must really have been very exciting indeed!

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